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NLP doesn’t teach you ‘what to do?’, but ‘How to do?’ – Master Trainer Sandip Shirsat
NLP is the Way of living life to its fullest! NLP is the tremendously powerful way to get control of yourself & your emotions! NLP is the most efficient & powerful medium of communication, both internal & external. NLP is the study of top performers, which is called modeling in NLP.
NLP consists three major terms:
N – Neuro – refers to functions related to the brain. How do we think? How do we perceive the world?
L – Linguistic – How do we use language in our daily life & how does it affect our lives?
P – Programming – How do we work, through which we can achieve our goal.
It’s a very rare combination of certificates you would get in a single course. Our course attendees feel privileged to have the NLP Certification issued by Indian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, an Autonomous Institute providing NLP Training in the Asian subcontinent, since last seven years. The program is led by Master Trainer Sandip Shirsat of IBHNLP (India). Anyone who is interested in peak performance, transforming lives & whose jobs demand human communication can attend this course.
This course helps CEOs, BDOs, Trainers, HR Managers, Lawyers, Doctors, Consultants, Therapists, IT professionals, those who are in Teaching & Training Fields to soar high in their career.
Attend this Workshop & Get Exclusive Benefit:
Get a Free Training in Direct Hypnosis
Get a Free Individual Counselling
Money Back Guarantee
Earn ₹ 40,000/- per Month after Learning NLP
Learn Original NLP
Become a Member of IBHNLP
Get Free NLP Audio Course worth ₹ 8000/-
Get Free Life Coach Certificate
Become a Certified IBHNLP Trainer
Learn NLP only in ₹ 21,999/-
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Your today’s small investment get more info of Time & Money will reap you great benefits tomorrow.
Early birds will get special 35% discount! (Only for first 10 participants) Actual course price ₹ 34000/-
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